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Our small batch, fresh produce and goods are subject to availability. To place a curbside or delivery order please call 315-815-4540

Spruce Ridge

mixed bouquets 

Potted House Plants

Pastabilitie's Fresh Bread Delivery Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 

Plain stretch bread

Everything stretch bread

plain pan loaf

3 pack of rolls

Asiago Focaccia

Rosemary Focaccia

Gorgonzola Onion Focaccia

Pecan Raisin Loaf

Kalamata Olive focaccia

Spicy hot tomato dipping oil

fresh linguine or fettuccine pasta

Campanelle Pasta

cookies- chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin & lemon white chocolate

The Brae Loch Inn 

pub cheese 

pumpkin bread loaf 

​Fresh Avocado Salsa Dip

16oz freshly made in mason jars 

Ray Brothers BBQ

Original BBQ Sauce 

Signature Dry Rub

Red Jacket Orchard Apple Cider 


½ gallon whole milk sold out

quart chocolate milk 

1/2 gallon chocolate milk 

6 oz strawberry or raspberry yogurt 

natural cheese curds 

Meat & Cheese bologna snack sticks 


Pittsford Farms half n half pints 

Pittsford Farms Heavy Cream 

Pittsford Farms chocolate milk pints 

PittsfordCultured Buttermilk

freshly grated horseradish

Oatly Milk- Barista 


Ithaca Milk Yogurt

Lemon quarts sold out 

Maple quarts

Plain Quarts 

Vanilla Quarts    

6 oz black cherry, blueberry & peach

Honey Vanilla Sheep's Milk Greek Yogurt

Kriemhild Dairy Butter

Baker's Butter:

8 oz unsalted 

8 oz salted tub

Meadow Butter:

8 oz tub salted

1# roll salted

1# roll unsalted

2# tub salted 

Jake’s Cheese


Smoked cheddar

Baby, smoked, aged gouda


2 Kid’s Goat Farm Cheese



Garlic & Chive  

Mozzarella ball 


Bar soaps


Ithaca Hummus

Kalamata olive/Lemon dill/lemon beet/Lemon Garlic/classic/red pepper/smoked chipotle


Food & Ferments Sauerkraut

Variety of Krauts- curry/paprika & jalapeño


old world caraway/sea king


Garlic Beets 

Beet Kvass

Fireside Tonic

Gianforte Farms

Heritage red fife flour

Red Fife wheat berries

rolled oats 

corn meal

Black Turtle Beans 

Dizzy Lizzie's Farm (Certified Organic Farm)

Pesto varieties:​ 

basil scape pesto

garlic scape pesto  

mushroom medley garlic scape pesto

shiitake garlic scape pesto 

steamy garlic scape pesto

extra steamy garlic scape pesto

Saratoga Water

12 oz natural or sparkling 

28 oz natural 

Barrel & brine 

Bread & Butter Pickles 

NY Deli Pickles

Spindrift Sparkling Water

blackberry, pineapple, grapefruit or lemon 

Veggies & Fruit

Autumn Sweet Plums

White Pumpkin Gourds

Baby Spinach

Red Radishes

Yellow Flesh Peaches

Orange Baby Carrots

Gala Apples

Italian Sweet Peppers

Red Peppers

Sweet Potatoes

Yukon Potatoes



Local Roots: Beets, onions & lettuce

Vine ripened slicing tomatoes

Local Roots

lettuce FRESH sold out



Puffed honey spelt 

Raw honey 16 oz, 32oz and 42 oz

Maple syrup variety of sizes in glass or plastic


Energy Bars



Center Street Market “To Go” Meals

Chicken Pot Pie

Wagyu Meatballs


Macaroni & Cheese

Marlene's Pies  

sour cherry

strawberry rhubarb



very berry with cherry

Maxwell's Chocolates Hamilton, NY

8 piece truffles 

1/2# sampler 

edible cookie dough sold out 

Ice Cream Sandwiches!!  sold out

Many Maples Farm

2 oz or 5 oz maple sugar candy (leaf shapes) sold out

8 oz maple granulated sugar pouch

2 oz maple granulated sugar shaker

Madison Wagyu Beef- no cholesterol

⅓ burger patties or ½ burger patties

Strip Steak sold out

Ribeye sold out 


Beef Sticks


1# Ground Beef 

hot dogs

Creekside Meadows

Extra Hot Italian sausage in casing


Smoked Bone-In Ham


Meadowood Farm

Sirloin Steak

Beef kabobs

Drover Hill

Beef minute steak

Beef delmonico steak

Beef NY Strip steak

beef skirt steak

beef stew meat

Canadian bacon


hot italian sausage link

pork country style ribs

pork baby back ribs

porterhouse/t-bone steak

smoked pork bacon

sweet Italian sausage

boneless chicken breasts

bone-in chicken breasts

chicken thighs

Oink & Gobble Farm


pork chops 


hot Italian


Breakfast sausage links

The Piggery

Uncured turkey pepperoni sticks

Ham sliced deli  meat ( 6 oz pkg ) 

Turkey smoked Deli Meat ( 6 oz pkg ) 

T-Burg Grillers 12 oz

Uncured bacon strip

Frozen Whole chicken Free Range Natural Non GMO (app. 3.5#) ON SALE

Salsacuse Salsa 

Medium hot  or

mild sweet

Syracuse Salt

lime sea salt

lavender sea salt

salt city flake salt (1.50z/3.5oz)

FLX wine sea salt

lemon rose sea salt

smoked sea salt

espresso sea salt

himalayan pine sea salt (1.5oz/3.5oz)

sriracha sea salt

ghost pepper sea salt

roasted garlic sea salt

black garlic sea salt ginger sea salt

white truffle sea salt

maldon flake sea salt (1.5oz/3.5oz)


Jalapeno mustard​

Syracuse style habanero

Maple Garlic hot sauce

ginger reaper hot sauce

Heritage Hill hot sauce

Honey Cayenne hot sauce

Recess Coffee hot sauce

Wing Sauce

Saratoga Peanut Butter

plain creamy 

plain crunchy

plain organic

Monkey boy

Chillin chocolate


Almond Butter


Adirondack Jack

Adirondack Jill

Nelson Farms 

Riggie Sauce 

Jam-raspberry/strawberry/mixed berry/blueberry

Horseradish Bloody Mary Mix

Bread Dip Mix


Pizza sauce

New Hope Mills Pancake Mix

Grandma's AIM Orange Cranberry with Chia salad dressing

Gridley Farms Beef

Beef Sirloin Tip Roast


Olive on Brooklea Olive Oils & Vinegar


Vito & Joe's Olive Oil 

In My Father’s Kitchen Taste & See Pasta Sauce

Farmer Street Pantry Salad Dressing


Rustic Bakery Organic Crackers & Toast Points



fabric masks  

1 gallon hand sanitizer 

8oz hand sanitizer

1 Liter Madison County Distillery hand sanitizer

75 count disinfecting wipes sold out

300 count hospital grade disinfecting wipes

disinfecting spray

Toilet Paper

Facial Tissue

latex gloves medium or large (100 per box) 

Variety of bar soaps & pump soap




Head & Heal  Full-Spectrum CBD Oil & Lotions Grown in Cortland, NY

300 mg oil

600 mg oil

12oo mg oil

2400 mg oil

300 mg pet formula oil

600 mg THC Free oil

600 mg lotion

600 mg Flower Power Lotion with arnica & St. John's Wart 

large salves

600 mg capsules

CBD Dog Treats

Whole Bean Coffee -we have a grinder-


Peru - black currant, dark chocolate - medium

Peru - blackberry, turkish apricot, cream - light-medium

Colombia - black cherry, caramel, chocolate - medium 

Columbia - melon, caramel, citrus, cocoa - light-medium

Decaf Colombia - graham cracker, citrus, cocoa - light-medium

Ethiopia - mango, apricot, floral -light

Honduras- baker's chocolate, dark fruit - Dark

Simple Roast

Mocha Java or El Salvador Medium Roast

Mexico medium roast

Sumatra dark Roast



6 pack snapchilled coffee cans 

Trailblazer dark Roast 

Ethiopia Gute Sodu

Brazil Santa Rita

Mountain Climber - medium roast 


Par Avion Tea

​loose leaf

Oliver Pluff Tea

Earl Grey

East Indian

English Breakfast

Scottish Breakfast




Saranac Ginger Beer 

Fiz Syracuse Orange

Fiz Roc City Root beer

Primo Limonata Italian Style Lemonade

Ithaca Root Beer

Saratoga Potato Chips

Original Himalayan Salt 

Honey BBQ

Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

Wavy Dark Russets

Terrell's Pretzel Rods


Clean Slate Farm

Vinegar- fig/garlic/maple/ginger

Olive oil- EVOO or Basil

Mabel’s Hand Cream

Lip Balm

Hudson Valley Seed Company


Pilot- blueberry lemongrass

Pilot Lavender Peach


Sweeter Cards- dark chocolate bars/card in one


Harley’s Barkery dog treats mini or medium


Joe’s Jerky


Eco-Baggeez- plastic storage bag alternative


Fruit of the Fungui - mushrooms/mushroom powder

dried organic mushroom stock

dried forest medley

dried organic chef's mix

dried porcini 

organic shiitake powder

porcini powder


Good Fight Herb Company sold out

Elderberry Syrup

Other tinctures


White sage smudge sticks

Paolo Santo